A Change in my Heart

A Change in my Heart
Many of you know, and understand the the joys and the hardships of motherhood. I have found myself struggling to find joy in motherhood lately. I have been feeling overwhelmed in my abilities to be the kind of mother that my children need. My babies have some struggles, and there are days that I wonder, how will we get through the day. I want to be be everything that they need, but some days it just seems that I am not enough. 
This morning as I woke up, I realized that even though I feel like I am perhaps "failing" them, that we are in this together. If I truly do my best, that the Lord will make up for, and help me to know what I can do to help them. 
I love my babies, and so does my Heavenly Father. This motherhood thing is hard! I now understand that it is my responsibility to find joy in motherhood, that I can be happy being a mom. So, today I will change! I will look for and pray to see all the joys, tender mercies, love, fun, and opportunities that motherhood can bring. 
Being a mom is the most important thing that I will ever do. I will never be perfect at it, but I will do my best, and with the help from my Savior, I can, and will see the joys that an eternal family can bring.
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