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Blessings Through Trails

This year has been a continuous round of trials for our family. Little Randilynn with her ankle surgery, Tyler and his seismoids bones in the ball of his foot, River with knee's that already need surgery, and me falling and injuring both of my knee's, with the possibility of an upcoming surgery. This last couple of weeks have been rough. Not only have I hurt my knee's, but I have come down with influenza. This has made me go from going 100MPH to 0MPH in a matter of a day. I am such a busy body, and so independent, that this has been really hard on me. My burden's have been lifted by the wonderful, caring, and sweet people in our neighborhood, and ward. My neighbors have taken my kids, fed our family dinner, have made calls to check up on us, offered to clean my house, and have been praying for us. How wonderfully blessed we have been to be taken care of. I'm not generally good about being on the receiving end of service. This is what I LOVE TO DO for other's, I…