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LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE? I'm trying!

I am constantly reminding myself to just laugh. I come by this quite naturally, but I have found that as my family has grown that I am having a harder time remembering to do this. From the messes the kids make including rips made in the couch, our couches being unscrewed by our 2 year old, a 12 year old with a temper who "accidentally" broke the plastic on the front of my dryer, bottles of salad dressing poured out onto the kitchen table and chairs, eggs being thrown onto the floor, my 2 year old peeing on my carpet, windows with constant fingerprints and spit on them, a 4 year old who empties her closet daily to change her clothes many times a day, my makeup drawer is no longer organized and J has come out of my bathroom covered in 12 hour lipstick, H with lip stick on her eyes, art work with a permanent marker on my cabinets, walls, and furniture, you would think I don't watch these kids at all, but I do, I just can't keep up with them. I clean one mess, and find…