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This is how I really feel.

There are so many times when I look at my life, and think" wow, how did I get here." My life is amazing! I have a wonderful husband to spend my life and eternity with. He loves me more than I could ever deserve, he supports me and our 5 children, he loves me despite all of my many faults, and he puts up with me even when I do something he is not excited about me doing. My life has changed dramatically within the last year and a half. I have realized what it truly important to me, I have decided that I can make mistakes and that people will understand and forgive me. I have learned how to forgive myself for the stupid little mistakes I make daily. I have learned that no one is a perfect mom, and that the expectations I have for myself are really just impossible, but that if I keep trying that is what is important, that is how we progress. I have learned that being myself and being an open book is actually a good thing. Yes, I have, and will continue to make mistakes or even…