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It's Nothing Short of a Miracle!

It's been an interesting last 6 months since my brain surgery. The 6 weeks week after the surgery are a bit of a blur to me , but I do remember the kindness and love that I felt from so many people. Dinner's were brought in, friends took my younger children for play dates, my older kids stepped it up taking care of the house, and my loving husband took weeks off of work to tend to me. Steve was there anytime I needed anything. I wasn't in a whole lot of pain. Steve made sure to stay on top of my medication to ensure that I would be as comfortable as possible. He said I slept the entire 1st week after the surgery. He missed me, and when I started to get better, he said he was so glad to be able to have a conversation with me again. I was surprised when he told me that it had been a week already. He also said, "It was the hardest week of my life." He was a single dad of 5, and even though we were getting so much help, he still felt a bit overwhelmed.

 After 4 wee…