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Fractured Little Hope

Saturday June 18th definitely could have been a better day, but hey were alive and that's what counts. After a fun overnight camp out down at the cabin were preparing to go to bed and wake up early Sunday morning to go home. H was coming down our steep staircase from the loft and fell off the side 8 ft down straight onto her head. i saw  the whole thing happen, and as I did I was running as fast as I could in hopes of breaking her fall. I failed. My mommy reflexes failed me, and I missed her by an inch. As soon as I realized I missed, I had to dive over her to avoid landing on her and causing more damage. I flew into the wall of cabinets, then quickly began to assess the situation. H was screaming which was actually a good thing, because it meant she was conscious. I checked her eyes, and looked over her body and knew I was safe to move her. her eye began to swell very quickly, and I knew we needed to get her to a hospital. the ride to the ER was so very long. H was falling asleep…