Fractured Little Hope

Saturday June 18th definitely could have been a better day, but hey were alive and that's what counts. After a fun overnight camp out down at the cabin were preparing to go to bed and wake up early Sunday morning to go home. H was coming down our steep staircase from the loft and fell off the side 8 ft down straight onto her head. i saw  the whole thing happen, and as I did I was running as fast as I could in hopes of breaking her fall. I failed. My mommy reflexes failed me, and I missed her by an inch. As soon as I realized I missed, I had to dive over her to avoid landing on her and causing more damage. I flew into the wall of cabinets, then quickly began to assess the situation. H was screaming which was actually a good thing, because it meant she was conscious. I checked her eyes, and looked over her body and knew I was safe to move her. her eye began to swell very quickly, and I knew we needed to get her to a hospital. the ride to the ER was so very long. H was falling asleep, and I had to wake her every 10 min. to make sure was still conscious. After an hour drive we made it to the hospital. They took her immediately and began to check her out. the results came in, and it was confirmed that she had fractured her skull from the top all the way to the orbit of her eye. By now her eye was completely swelled shut and the deepest purple, and black that you can imagine. She had a pretty mean concussion as well. Thankfully her skull was still in all the right places, and about 4 hours later we were able to go home. By 2:30 in the morning we were finally able to go to bed. It wasn't until the afternoon hours that I noticed her arm was hurting her. I was sure she had broken it too, and we were headed back to the DR. the next morning. She chose to get a PINK cast of course. She looks so broken up. Sunday morning when I woke up I realized I wasn't doing so well either. I threw my back out. I could not walk , but crawl, and I was in some severe pain. Here it is over a week later and I am still hurting a lot. I am walking, but slowly, and bending is almost out of the question. I think my daughter is going to end up healing before her mom. I am just grateful that she is going to be okay. I wish I could wrap her in bubble wrap for the next few months. It is such a horrible experience to watch your child falling, knowing you can't get to them fast enough. Scared me to death, but I feel so blessed that we will heal up. I love my little girl so much.


  1. What a week you have had! Hope you all get better soon.

  2. HOLY CRAP!!!! That is a crazy story, and you guys are so blessed. Thank goodness you are both ok. I agree that is such a horrible feeling.


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