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Aspen "Hope" Morgan

We have decided to call Azzie by her middle name "Hope."  We have thought about this for a while, and made the decision because we are worried. Hope's bio dad lives only a couple of miles from us. Aspen is not a common name which means if he were to hear it in a store, it would be easy for him to try and come over to see Hope and Jude. This is also the primary reason we chose to by a new van. We just don't want to be easily recognized.

I chose the name "Hope" a couple of years ago. It is very fitting that she has this name now. For 5 years  I have been "hoping" to adopt. My dream has finally come true, and "hope describes perfectly how I feel about her. Jude and Hope are the results of many prayer's, faith, and hope that our dream would come true. So blessed that it has.

Sealed For Time and All Eternity.

April 1st 2011 will be one of the most blessed days of my life. On a beautiful Sunny day, April 1st 2011 we were blessed to have Aspen and Jude sealed to us in the Bountiful, Utah Temple.What an amazing experience for our entire family.

We were greeted when we arrived with very excited temple worker's who knew of the event that was to come to pass. We were first directed to a children's room. This is where our 5 children would stay and get dressed, while Steve and I Got dressed in our temple clothing. Cameo and Bonnie were able to be Aspen's and Jude's escorts. It was so very special to have Cameo there. She flew in from Hawaii. What a sacrifice she made to be there to love and support us. We sure love her, and are so thankful for Bonnie too.

I was treated as if I were a new bride. I was to get dressed in the brides room which was beautiful. It reminded me so much of the day that Steve and I were married in the Los Angeles Temple almost 15 years ago. What a neat experie…