Aspen "Hope" Morgan

We have decided to call Azzie by her middle name "Hope."  We have thought about this for a while, and made the decision because we are worried. Hope's bio dad lives only a couple of miles from us. Aspen is not a common name which means if he were to hear it in a store, it would be easy for him to try and come over to see Hope and Jude. This is also the primary reason we chose to by a new van. We just don't want to be easily recognized.

I chose the name "Hope" a couple of years ago. It is very fitting that she has this name now. For 5 years  I have been "hoping" to adopt. My dream has finally come true, and "hope describes perfectly how I feel about her. Jude and Hope are the results of many prayer's, faith, and hope that our dream would come true. So blessed that it has.


  1. Hey Suzie-
    Found your blog on FB. Now you can find me! :)
    Hope is such a sweetie! I loved that she wanted to sit on my lap on Saturday!! Too cute!

  2. I was so thrilled to learn you have a blog. You have written such beautiful posts and I am so thankful to have shared some of your journey with you! All my love!

  3. She is a beautiful girl, and both names suit her. I'll try to remember. :)


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