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Looking Ahead

It's been a interesting couple of weeks, accompanied with lots of emotions. I have been living with Vertigo and daily migraines for the last 6 months with no relief from medications. I have had migraines and dizziness for many years, but not to the extent that I have had recently. I can tell you that I know my Heavenly Father is watching over me, and that My Savior knows what I have been going through. In a last resort to hopefully find a answer to my health issues, I went to see a neurologist. After many different tests including heart tests, and blood work ups, the Dr. determined that everything seemed to be normal. He then mentioned that he thought it was possible that I had a mild Chiari Malformation. He said that he was still not convinced that this is what had been causing my migraines. He then changed my medication for the 3rd time. He decided at the last minute to refer me to a neurosurgeon. Thank goodness he did! Normally it takes at least 6 weeks to get into this Neuros…