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Ready, Set, Juggle!

Take a deep breath, get ready, set, and juggle. This seems to be the theme of my life. I say this like I am overwhelmed, but I am just the opposite. I love to be busy, and I love to serve. My newest adventure is directing "Beauty and the Beast" at our elementary school. This is my second year doing this, and I am so excited! I had 115 kiddo's come and audition. Everyone of them get a part of course, but it is so fun to see their cute faces, and hear their sweet voices. So much talent in this school! I love these kids.
 Dance season has begun and is in full swing. Randilynn will be busy with dance 4 nights a week, and with playing the part of Babbette in the play. I am taking a dance class too, along with trying to find time for yoga, take care of my busy family, Ty's piano lessons, volunteering for the Foster Care Foundation, Jude's speech, and Early Intervention appts.
  I am excited to start Peer Parenting for DCFS. I sure didn't last long not being involv…