Sealed For Time and All Eternity.

April 1st 2011 will be one of the most blessed days of my life. On a beautiful Sunny day, April 1st 2011 we were blessed to have Aspen and Jude sealed to us in the Bountiful, Utah Temple.What an amazing experience for our entire family.

We were greeted when we arrived with very excited temple worker's who knew of the event that was to come to pass. We were first directed to a children's room. This is where our 5 children would stay and get dressed, while Steve and I Got dressed in our temple clothing. Cameo and Bonnie were able to be Aspen's and Jude's escorts. It was so very special to have Cameo there. She flew in from Hawaii. What a sacrifice she made to be there to love and support us. We sure love her, and are so thankful for Bonnie too.

I was treated as if I were a new bride. I was to get dressed in the brides room which was beautiful. It reminded me so much of the day that Steve and I were married in the Los Angeles Temple almost 15 years ago. What a neat experience for me. I appreciate all those in the temple making this so special for me. After changing I was reunited with my eternal soul mate, and we went into the sealing room to await the arrival of our 5 beautiful children who were to be dressed in all white. Our three oldest children were  able to attend, which made the sealing even more perfect. What an awesome experience for them to be part of something so sacred and spiritual. As they all walked in, emotions ran through me. This is what life and eternity is all about. Family's can be together forever through the blessing of the temple.

My children were all so reverent, which is something they are not so expert on most of the time. Seconds before we were sealed Azzie said " Mommy your a princess!" She looked so beautiful in her white dress, and Jude was handsome in his white tux. I am such a lucky and blessed mom. One of the sisters at the temple shared with me that as they were bringing the children in, River said" do you think we could have a prayer?" The spirit was there and my children could feel the presence of their heavenly Father, and our Savior. Our wonderful sealer then sealed Aspen and Jude to our family forever. We are so grateful for our family and friends who were able to attend and be there to support us. My dad and Steve's dad were able to be the witnesses, and we could feel the love from those who were in the room with us.

Azzie has been asking everyday for the past 2 months when we could go to the temple, and now she has, and she loves it. We will go back often and walk the temple grounds with our children, in hopes that they will remember the feelings that they had inside of the temple, and what the blessings of the temple can do for our families. We are truly blessed to have the gospel in our lives.


  1. So, so beautiful Suzie. It brought tears to my eyes!


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