"Normal People"

 Last Sunday I bore my testimony in church. My heart was so full. Having heard the previous Brother's and Sister's who had born their testimonies, really reminded me of why I love Centerville, this neighborhood and the Centerville 7th ward.
 One particular sister stood and bore her testimony which such honesty. She had said that while her children were such a blessing in her life, that sometimes it was really hard to be a mom. She spoke of how mom's all around her often say how much they love being a mom, and  how their children are their world's. It's not very often when you hear other mother's talk about the hardship's, and trials you go through as a parent. She said that sometimes life just sucks, and it's really hard.
 Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I am an open book. I speak from my heart, and I don't like pretending that life is always perfect. The truth of the matter is, life is hard, and it does "suck" sometimes. We all have our trials, and sometimes they are very hard. I know this first hand. I have had my share of hardships, and yet I never want to forget those experiences. I have learned so much from every trial I have been through. At times I have felt alone, scared, depressed, anxious, angry, and even suicidal. I have been through each one of these emotions many times throughout my life.
  You probably are wondering why I named this post " Normal People." I started referring to people that are outwardly honest, and who share their life experiences as "Normal People." None of us on this earth are perfect. Why are we trying so hard to pretend that our lives are perfect?  We all have hardships, and trials. Life is not perfect! There is no "Perfect" mom, or person. Why do we compare ourselves to other's? We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
   The last few years, I have realized that talking to other's about my trials and hardship's has been good for me. Many people are surprised to learn about some of things I have gone through. I have received so much support from others. That has been a huge blessing in my life. What I didn't realize, was that by sharing some of my experiences with others, that I wasn't alone. People that I shared with, started to open up as well, and it was amazing to hear that so many other people had gone through some of the same challenges. Suddenly there was a bond there. I share this because it is my hope and prayer that we can love and strengthen one another. Sometimes telling our own story can hit home to another person. We can also share what we have learned through our experiences from these trials. There are hidden blessings that come from going through trials, and hardships. It is my hope that we will lift each other's burdens, that we will share our experiences with one another, and that we will never feel as if nobody understands what we are going through. Our Heavenly Father, and Savior Jesus Christ are always there, but when we need a friend, let's reach out to our fellow brothers and sisters. Let's have more "Normal People" in our lives.


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