I really enjoyed watching General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints a couple of weeks back. There was an announcment that the ages for when missionaries can serve a  mission had changed. Boys are now able to leave at 18 years old, and women at 19 years old. I have to admitt that I was elated about the change for girls, but the boys..... well lets just say my heart dropped. Although I know that boys leaving earlier definitly make sense, it just hit me so hard. I have watched my Tyler growing up into such a wonderful young man. Before the announcment, time with him seemed liked it was growing short. He is 15, and so mature for his age, and I would think "wow, we really only have less than 4 years until he leaves our home to serve his mission. I truly do not know where the time has gone. As I sat letting this new announcment sink in, I began to cry. I now only have less than 3 years left until he leaves to serve our Heavenly Father. Mixed feelings of being excited for him, and knowing that if he needed to serve now that he would be ready, and not feeling ready to let him go ran through my body so rapidily that I could feel my heart rate going up, and I'm sure my blood pressure was following right behind. I told Tyler that he would have to finish High School first, which would make him more like 18 and a half before he left. Tyler responded quickly with "Mom I need to graduate early." I bit stunned, I realized that he was right. I am so proud of my son, and his desire to serve.

  The push, and the need for missionaries is absolutely amazing to me. The gospel is growing at such a wonderful pace, and the need to get more missionaries to serve is essential in these last days. In a world in which I see so much sadness, wars, contention, natural disasters, families being ripped apart, and so many other trials, it is so good to see the good people of this world working together to share the gospel with all those who are ready and willing to recieve it. I also feel great joy to see members, and non-members alike working together to comfort, and bring relief to the people around them, or even in other countries with people whom they have never met. Like my sons ,Steve and I look foward to serving our Heavenly Father, and the people of this world by serving a mission when we are a bit older. The gospel has brought such an immense amount of joy into our lives, and I cannot wait to share my joy with everyone around me.


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