Random Kisses

After a long week of H being sick, and feeling a little cooped up in my house, JD decides to come down sick too. As I sit on our couch dreading another week of sickness, JD comes to sit on my lap. He usually is so busy that he only will sit with me a few minutes at a time, but this time he sits for an hour with me. Although he is sick, he is feeling very loving too. Out of nowhere he turns to me and gives me a kiss. I melt and feel an overwhelming emotion come over me.. Even though I am afraid of catching this nasty virus, I take it. I love it when he does this. Throughout the hour I get kiss after kiss, and each time I find myself getting teary eyed. Heavenly Father had planned this out long before I had ever known that H and JD were my own. Each kiss reminds me that I have indeed been so blessed to have these 2 come into my life, and that they are mine through and through. They are my blood, and I get to have them for eternity. I am a mom of 5, and I love them so very much. How blessed I am.


  1. I love those sweet moments. You're an awesome mom. And ummmm, I'm sick too. But I promise to still be there this week. I just can't sing or shout. So have a mic ready for me:)


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