A little overwhelmed? YES!

 Oh my! I have two VERY busy little ones. Yesterday I had the unfortunate, unpleasure of seeing my garden all plucked and dug up from our sweet little Hope. After the replanting that I've done, we will see what survives. I also scrubbed marker off the kitchen floor, and a pan full of oil out of the oven spilled out into the oven and all over the kitchen floor. Thankfully the oven and oil were cool. " Thank goodness our oven is self cleaning!" I thought, but the smell and smoke was so overpowering that I was coughing, and gagging. My sweet boy also took his 4th box of cereal out of the cupboard and dumped it all out on the floor as he watched me running towards him trying to catch him before he did it. My boy loves to try and do what he isn't allowed to do before I can get to him. Cute little stinker! Mr. J was definitely exploring new things, and realizing that he is a bit taller these days. Steve and I spent all of last night doing even more toddler proofing. We were supposed to have a date night since he is out of town this weekend, but J axed that idea. Our older children were sooo much easier than these two have been. Steve has baby proofed every cabinet, drawer in the kitchen, as well as all the drawers in my computer desk. I moved the computer tower out of reach yet again. As much as I complain, I love them so very much, and wouldn't change them for anything in the world. They are my babies. Overwhelmed? Yes. Worth it? Definitely!


  1. Sounds like a zoo! Of course, one day you'll look back and miss days just like these. Keep up the good work!


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